Our Equipment- updated 7/2/2021


PA Equipment:

Self Powered Line Line Array System

16- RCF HDL 10-A Mains

4- RCF HD32- A MK4 Mains

8- RCF 8006-AS Subs

2- RCF HD 10-A MK4 Center Fills

10- RCF NX-12 Monitors (self- powered)

2- RCF 905-AS Subs

4- Speaker Lift Stands



1- Midas 32 Digital Console

1- Midas 32R Digital Console

1- Midas 32C Rack Mount Console

2- Soundcraft Expressions III  32 channel digital board



Sennheiser Microphones

E835’s, E845’s, E935’s, E945’s, E609’s, E602 II, E604’s, E902

Beyer Dynamic Drum microphones


Lighting Equipment: 

3- Phoenix Lighting Console from MJLighting

RGBW 7 x12W LED  pars for up lighting applications  

RGBWA UV  7x18w LED Flat Pars for rear lighting

RGBWA UV  18x18w LED Flat Par for front lighting at outdoor or large event

RGBWA UV 7x18w  LED Flat pars for front lighting at indoor or smaller venue 

LED 260W  Moving Beam Fixtures

Big Eye Moving Wash Pixel Fixtures

2- Martin Jem K1 Hazers

Martin Magnum 2500 Hazer 

30ft Back Truss with Black heavy duty back drop

6- 6.5 section truss with Black heavy duty back drop

4-L16 Applied crank stands

2- heavy duty crank stands similar to L16

2- L11 Crank Stands

6 light weight stands

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